Grandma and I"

by Frank Scott & Nisa Montie

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Language : English
Publication Date : 03/08/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 42
ISBN : 9781504363495

About the Book

My husband and I are sitting around a small table with our friend Duglas Lomar, having lunch at El Café Paraíso in Granada, Nicaragua. Suddenly, above Douglas’ head, a vision appears of an older woman with a round, brown-skinned face wrapped in a black dress. She reminds me of Duglas. She conveys without words that the man below her is a plant shaman, should be practicing that knowledge, and asks that we help him.

Mi esposo y yo estábamos sentados alrededor de una pequeña mesa con nuestro amigo Duglas Lomar, almorzando en El Café Paraíso en Granada, Nicaragua. De pronto, sobre la cabeza de Duglas, se aparece la visión de una mujer anciana, de rostro redondo, y de piel oscura, la cabeza cubierta con un manto negro. Su cuerpo está cubierto con un largo vestido negro. Ella identifica a Duglas. Me dice sin palabras que él es un ser que sabe de la naturaleza, y debería de estar practicando ese conocimiento, y me pregunta si lo podemos ayudar.

About the Author

Frank Scott and Nisa Montie joined forces to aid the enlightenment of humanity. Since his youth, Frank has been gifted with unusual experiences that inform and give a map that helps direct each entity on the divine path of Truth. Nisa uses animal and fairy characters to teach virtues in a joy-filled children's tales.