Publicity Services

Nothing can compare to a favourable book review in a respected publication or a glowing press release, both services available from Balboa Press. These services are timeless and the cornerstone to any strong marketing plan.

Press Release - Essential Edition

A professionally-written press release distributed to at least 500 U.S. and international media outlets, plus one month of news tracking.

Press Release - Web Optimized Edition

A Web-optimised, professionally written press release distributed to thousands of opt-in organizations and news subscribers through our U.S. newswire service, Meltwater, plus additional international media outlets. One month of news tracking is also included.

Kirkus Basic

The Balboa Press Kirkus Basic package combines three effective and powerful platforms for promoting self-published titles to literary agents, traditional publishing houses, booksellers and, most importantly, book buyers.

The Trifecta Review

With the Trifecta Review, you will receive an honest, unbiased assessment of your work from Kirkus Indie Review, Clarion Review, and BlueInk Review. A seal of approval from any one of these professionals can create the kind of attention your book needs.