Turn your masterpiece into a high-quality book within two weeks. With this budget-friendly package that combines quality and speed, let Balboa guide your hand on this exciting adventure of becoming a published author – fast!

Why Balboa Press?

Balboa Press is a division of Hay House, founded by Louise Hay, a self-published author who raised Hay House from its humble roots. Louise Hay established Hay House in 1984 to self-publish her first two books, selling over 35 million copies worldwide. Today, Hay House is a full-scale traditional publishing company. Still, Louise always remembered her self-publishing roots and decided to create Balboa Press to give more authors a chance to publish self-help and transformational books.

Opportunity for Discovery

When you publish with Balboa Press, your book could become the next Hay House title. Representatives from Hay House will regularly review Balboa Press titles for new authors to sign with them.


  • Softcover Publishing:  Your book will be available in the most popular format, made of quality, perfect binding, and acid-free library stock paper.
  • Digital Formatting (e-Book):  Your book will be distributed online as an electronic book (e-Book) and available for purchase through significant resellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Publishing Elements

  • Rapid Release Service: Publish your book in two weeks!
  • Standard Cover Design: Capture and connect with your audience using a cover design that resonates with your readers while crystallizing the essence of your narrative.
  • Standard Interior Layout:  Experience an organized yet aesthetically pleasing interior design that's functional and harmonious with the rhythm your story sets.
  • Electronic Galley:  Perfection is not overrated. With our electronic galley proofs, ensure your book is free from editorial flaws before it goes live.
  • 20 Image Insertions:  Enrich your narrative with custom images. Pictures can narrate a part of your story that words can't.
  • Worldwide Online Distribution:  Your book will be available online through external retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other resellers that may pick up your book from the Ingram and Baker & Taylor distribution networks.
  • Amazon "Look Inside", Google, and Barnes & Noble "Read Instantly" Previews:  Allow readers to take a peek inside your book, creating interest online before purchasing it. Preview available on Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble, etc.


  • ISBN Assignment:  A 13-digit identifier is unique to your book and an industry requirement for distribution and retail sales. It allows distributors, retailers, printers, and readers to find and order your book.

Marketing Feature

  • £200 Credit for Marketing Services: Get a one-time use £200 credit that can be applied as a discount for future marketing services for your book.


Important Reminder:

  • The Accelerator package ensures your softcover and ebook are professionally published and available on the Balboa Press online bookstore within two weeks of complete material submission.
  • Channel distribution follows standard timeframes, which is up to 14 business days from publication complete.
  • Books are subject to content evaluation guidelines (no hate literature, plagiarism, or copyright infringement) prior to publication complete.
  • Books that require editorial services, complex design or pre-production services such as data entry, illustrations, indexing and footnotes are not eligible for this service.