Colour Illustrations - Personalised

£273.00 per Item

Elevate your book to the next creative level with artwork produced by our talented illustration team. Balboa Press' in-house studio artists will follow your ideas and direction to produce striking artwork that accentuates your carefully crafted book.

With Personalised illustrations, art is drawn by hand and coloured digitally. The clean lines and uniform colours create a simple style that will add a classic look to your book. These full-colour illustrations can be created in a wide variety of styles and subject matter, from people and landscapes to technical drawings and maps.

Your full-colour illustrations can be produced in the following styles:

  • Juvenile/Whimsical (a sweet, cute style)
  • Cartoon/Humour (a humourous, funny style)
  • Fantasy (a comic book or mythical style)
  • Science Fiction (a futuristic or technological style)

The typical timeline for this service is six to 12 weeks depending on our work queue and the complexity of your project.

Compare Levels and Styles

Colour - Personalised (Level 1) Illustration Samples


Juvenile illustrations are very cute, playful and fun. Commonly associated with fairy tales, this lighthearted style of artwork is designed to lift spirits and make readers feel happy and carefree.


Cartoons are drawings intended to be funny or comical. The features of its subjects are drawn in an exaggerated or quirky way to evoke humour and to amuse.


This type of art more closely resembles authentic aspects and proportions of subjects' features and characteristics.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Fantasy illustrations have a mythical quality to their style and focus on subjects of magic, the supernatural and fantastical creatures. Science fiction illustrations feature a futuristic feel, scientific trends and technology.

Custom Quote

The Custom Quote option is for authors who are looking for highly rendered, hand-drawn or hand-painted illustrations. The absence of defined line art distinguishes this level from the three classic offerings.

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