Personalised Back Cover

A Personalised Back Cover can add character to your book's design. Remember, the front and back cover of your book is the first thing interested readers will notice when they pick up your book. Our Personalised Back Cover service enhances the aesthetic appeal of your book's cover with photography, artwork and a short biography of you, the author.

Work with a Check-In-Coordinator to choose artwork that makes your book stand out amongst the rest. With the Personalised Back Cover service, you have many more design options to choose from to give your book personality. Your cover designer will work with you to be sure the back cover of your book embodies its core message and attracts to your target demographic. You are allowed one free design modification if you see something that needs changed.

A Personalised Back Cover consists of the following options:

  •   Author bio (no more than 50 words) *
  •   Marketing copy (no more than 200 words) *
  •   One to four published reviews (no more than 50 words each, including the credit)
  •   A photo of the author. If submitted, it must meet the following requirements:
    •   TIFF (.tif) or JPEG (.jpg) format
    •   CMYK colourspace
    •   300-dpi resolution
    •   600 x 600 pixels (if JPEG)
    •   2" x 2" printed size

* Items marked with an asterisk are required.

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