by Dr. Michelle K-A Hamilton NMD MDiv

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Language : English
Publication Date : 08/11/2023

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 58
ISBN : 9798765245125

About the Book

Our past influences our future and all generations. The emotional trilogy series “Lies, Lies, Lies” is the first of a 3 part series of emotional healing workbook. As the title indicate it’s about the effect of lies in a family that changed a once happy home. The characters are fictional however the summary of the first act of betrayal shattered the once happy home of Annie represents a real-life experience. Annie’s early life experiences did not dictate her choice to desire a happy home and her dreams were realized in Jack. As trust was eroded it leads to bitterness, unforgiveness, and years of resentment. As Annie searched for answers for healing and a failed marriage it brought mental and emotional anguish. The chapters following Annie’s “Trauma” begins with the biblical dissection and exploration of the origin of the first “Lie”. It explores the emotional desire that leads to the fall of heavenly and earthy beings and the mutagenesis of lies affecting all generations to date. The health connection follows which discusses how our human nature and desires affects our physical biochemistry. This thus results in illnesses such as anxiety disorders, gastrointestinal and metabolism issues. Many experiences line the path of success and failure and thus any emotional trauma should lead to healing. The book then transitions to give the reader an opportunity to write a chapter. The open-access allows the reader to journal an event or events which has resulted in emotional pain as a result of lies they have been told and/or lies they have told to others. This provides the reader the opportunity to make a choice that leads to the path of healing from the past. The next step provides steps in forgiveness included as a worksheet. The Author indicates that forgiveness only takes one person and can allow the reader to reclaim their future through reframing the past. In addition, the book provides an Emotional Quotient Test for each reader to do a self-assessment and provides steps to improve EQ Score as needed. The book provides the reader with a choice that can change the reproduction of a pattern of deception/lies in a family in order to preserve healthy relationships and families.

About the Author

Dr. Michelle Hamilton BSc, M.Div., NMD Naturopathic Physician and Medical Minister Dr. Michelle Hamilton is a health and business enthusiast with over 20 years of combined business, health care, and global health education experience. Dr. Hamilton holds a B.Sc. in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University in Boca Raton Florida, a Master in Divinity from Liberty University, Virginia, and her Medical Doctoral degree from Bastyr University California, specializing in Naturopathic Medicine. Over the years Dr. Hamilton has been able to combine her educational achievements and experience to address the spiritual, physical, and psychological needs of others. She is known for her compassion, patience, servant leadership, and mentoring within communities and several professional organizations. Dr. Hamilton has organized community health programs for wellness and conducted workshops in the USA and the Caribbean on the topics of natural medicine, spiritual growth, and "Forgiveness for Healthy Living." In addition, she has also conducted monthly seminars for those incarcerated in the USA correctional facilities as a contribution to the rehabilitation and re-entry program of the states' facility. She owns and operates Hope Centre for Natural Health (USA) and Hope Lifestyle Centers Ltd. (JA) which offers Telemedicine consultation in alternative medicine globally. Dr. Hamilton believes it's important to empower individuals to take charge of their health and thus has several programs geared towards health education which is aired on the following platforms: NCU TV, NCU Radio – NCU Radio Wellness Week, Its' All Connected, Lifestyle Check, and Hope42Day. More Hope Today TV (YouTube) 1. Let’s Pray for Your Health 2. Hope42Day 3. EJC Virtual Church – It's All Connected weekly series Podbean and Google (Podcast apps) 3RIVE Weekly -