Priority Planner

by Lili Udell Fiore

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/11/2023

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 174
ISBN : 9798765246436

About the Book

Lili's Priority Planner is a 6-month, undated planner that provides a weekly space for all your priorities AND a weekly space for all your appointments. 

When Lili was a Caregiver, she experienced a lot of frustration with the planners that were available. She could not find one that had space for both her appointments and for her to keep track of all the different items she was responsible for in the six main areas of her life. Out of this frustration, she created her Priority Planner to give you the organizational planning tool that she needed but couldn’t find. 

When you are a Caregiver and are responsible for a Loved One on top of everything else that you have going on, this Planner will give you the space to keep track of everything that all the people and things in your life are demanding from you. Each week, there is space for you to make notes for your priorities for Caregiving, Household, Self-Care, Kids / Pets, Work / Clubs and your Spouse / Partner. In the beginning of Lili's Priority Planner, there are spaces for you to write down an overview of all the upcoming appointments and priorities for the next six months. Each weekly section has appointment spaces, as well. After the weekly overview of appointments, there are sections with lines for notes about the items that you need to complete from the priority pages for that week. 

By giving you multiple ways to keep track of your top six priorities, you are far less likely to lose track of the items that are due for your family, your job, your clubs, or kids. In addition, some of Lili's favorite inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout to give you a boost when you are having one of "those" days. Best of all it has beautifully designed pages which are pleasing to the eye and fun to use

About the Author

In her 40s, Lili found herself in a difficult situation that occurs in many people’s lives. She was juggling the day-to-day responsibilities of a household, marriage to a busy husband, raising a daughter and stepsons. She was doing her best to be involved in as many of her kids’ activities as she could fit in along with managing her own career and dealing with aging family members.

Suddenly, she got a call that her beloved Aunt Esther, who lived many states away, was not well. Faced with managing her Aunt’s care from afar in between in-person visits, Lili spoke to many professionals, friends and family members on how to manage and handle everything in her Aunt’s life until she got better. Everyone had their own opinion, and many also had their own agendas that had nothing to do with what was best for her Aunt. Eventually, Lili found her way and then was also faced with her aging parents as well.

This book is a sum of all the lessons learned and wisdom gained from the mis-steps along the way. It also includes a lot of knowledge on death and dying that Lili learned from her father, Rev. Lee Udell, who was one of the early teachers of death and dying in the state of Vermont back in the 1970s. Lili got her certification as an End-of-Life Doula from the program at the University of Vermont to solidify everything she had learned from her experience as a Caregiver and the wisdom from her dad. Lili wrote this book to be the resource she couldn’t find when her world was imploding. She hopes that it helps you in your journey as a Caregiver, or as someone who wants to know more about caregiving or creating a good death for their Loved Ones.