A Roll of the Dice

(Luke's Story)

by Kelly Delaney

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/11/2023

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 182
ISBN : 9781982298593

About the Book

For Luke, life was a competition, and losing was never an option. He needed to be better, bigger, and more successful than everyone else. In this book, his former wife imagines what life must have been like him as he battled his demons, which were driven by his need to achieve financial success. Money was everything to Luke—and he could never envision a life where he would ever have enough of it. There was no satisfaction in anything; he wanted and needed more. Luke’s addiction led him down dangerous paths, even ones that included breaking the law. Moreover, it took a toll on his marriage. His family and friends all took a backseat to his addictive behavior, which undermined trust. There are many people like Luke, and research shows that behavioral addictions have similar effects to substance addictions on relationships. Luke’s story is like so many others, but it can serve as a lesson as to how to avoid problems in the first place. A Roll of the Dice highlights the terrible impact that addiction can have on individuals and their loved ones.

About the Author

Hayley Baxter, writing as Kelly Delaney, wrote this book to highlight how gambling addiction can impact the lives of families. She wants people to know how young advertisements target young men and how to avoid traps associated with this form of addiction. She feels lucky to now live a peaceful life with her husband, Gary, and their dog, Riley, in country Victoria.