Betwixt and Between

The Matrix Of My Mind

by Vivienne

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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/15/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 178
ISBN : 9781982294892

About the Book

This book, the author’s memoir expressively unpacks her journey as a child walk-in through to a grandmother depicting how all experiences are a pathway to enlightenment whether you are spiritually aligned or not. The authors experience’s metaphysically morph her truth into a deeper profound core conscious understanding of this physical human journey. The book at times reads like a treasure hunt, each clue divinely provided by the authors energies either by visions, messages from fellow human travellers or road blocks placed firmly on the direct path ahead to furnish a directive. The book provides personal insight into the minds matrix which is forever expanding through the multitude of dimensional experiences. Experiences, the question begs to be asked and answered. Can we as cosmic travellers survive in this human existence without a collective of experiences. Whether they are influential, mundane or dynamically exciting, experience’s provide motivation to take another leap of faith forward on our personal adventure of discovery on planet earth. The books perspective shines a light on God, Source, the Creators, influence on your life experience and the probability that all of humanity is the infinite essence of God, Source, Creator, predominant seeking to discover through humanity’s diverse experiences the “Creative Potentials” innate personality. Her philosophical reality exists in the dimensions of her mind, where humans will reawaken to the fundamental truth of their existence through the myriad of experiences to discover they are the avatar of the creator. The book takes you on a journey to ancient civilisations, exploring how the historic inherent past has created the structural systemic society of today. The focus of attention on the rhetoric of having a “conversation”will remain a repetitious analytical pattern if we do not become proficient in the art of mastery. We must change how we do everything with full awareness of the historic subliminal messages. Acting with transparency, conviction, honesty and integrity and Reacting as responsible individuals will exponentially raise humanity to a state of higher consciousness.

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