The Meaning of Life

by Brett Thomas

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/6/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 212
ISBN : 9798765228067

About the Book

The leading and hopeful idea for “The Meaning of Life” was that fellow human beings would embrace the inherent humor in these pages. A secondary goal was that we might feel the undercurrent of an opportunity for self-exploration and creative expression. Sooo, if by peeking at the following pages you laughed, even a little bit, or broke out a pen (of your choosing), that would be a mission completed! If I am being honest, I also “wrote” this for the ol’ bucket list…anddd to send a little friendly hat tip to the universe, on the backend, or perhaps at the onset, of a wild existential awakening. Many thanks to Ms. Cosmos for the nudge ☺ It is worth mentioning that during the time period when this was created, the entire world was forced to stop and turn inward in so many ways – in early 2020, the Covid 19 global pandemic had changed the landscape of life as we knew it. Amongst the tragedies, strangeness, and conversations that the pandemic produced, Meaning never felt more up for grabs. Before too many run-on sentences break out of the starters’ box and take off forever: Thank You for having the curiosity to open this book and the nerve to keep turning these pages…

About the Author

Brett Thomas is a believer in people, recovering catholic, retired partier, borderline agonistic, shitty poet, aspiring buddha, hopeful humanist, joke maker and renewed mystic. He was compelled to publish this book as a result of asking himself (and the sky) the same big question; Why? He enjoys long walks down philosophical rabbit holes, particularly whilst in good company. (If you have ever been subject to one of these rabbit holes, please accept his apologies) Normally, one might tell you that Brett is a creative person with good intentions at heart, but that feels like a lie right now, because you are probably realizing that buying this book was akin to getting a henna face tattoo on a long walk home from a failed bar crawl; only regret and disgust could emerge. Be that as it may, we could forgive him…for now. He graduated from Villanova University, which not only has nothing to do with this book, but also, the University would probably deny any involvement in this material. To which he may reply: Why was there no course on existential crisises and how to handle them? At this point, you may be aware that Brett himself is writing his own “About the Author” because, well, no one else cared to do it. And with that, he leaves you with a Virtual Hug and one big Cheers! If after reading this masterpiece you decide to explore a little more and perhaps share your unique thoughts on the matter, please feel free to do so at: