A Tree House Memoir

“70” Vignettes and Life Lessons from the Tapestry of My Life

by Kathy Oades-Kelly MS LPC NCC

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 22/02/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 152
ISBN : 9781982262266

About the Book

Growing older often catches us by surprise! As I welcomed my 70th year of life everything I knew to call “normal” changed. My husband John Kelly and I moved very unexpectedly from our house I loved, into a villa in a retirement community. In one of the moving boxes from my office I discovered a gift that would profoundly change my life. It was from my two oldest granddaughters Ashley and Emily. It was a handmade, spiral bound journal with a picture of a teacup and the words, “Grandma tell us your story!” I couldn’t imagine having the time, or the courage to do it. However, I promised myself to “think about it” as I tucked it away for “someday”. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 provided me with the opportunity. Writing my memoir has been both a labor of love to birth, and one of the most profound experiences of my lifetime. I could never have imagined myself continuing to “see” my clients remotely for our counseling sessions, and then using the isolation and confinement of being quarantined as a “gift of time to write”. Only God could have divinely inspired me to sift through 70 years and choose what I did to write about. I learned some amazing life lessons along the way. I learned to finally see and understand that God was with me, and a part of everything that has happened in my life. My life was meant to be a gift. My memoir is filled with 70 vignettes and life lessons that span my lifetime. I dedicate this book to all those I have written about, and who have been so important in my journey.

About the Author

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor, Kathy Kelly has had the privilege of meeting and working with clients in a rich variety of settings. Her professional life has included working as a counselor in a social service agency, two elementary schools, as a parish counselor, and since 2006, exclusively in her private counseling practice, The Ministry of Wellspring, LLC. Her mission and goals have always been to support healthy living and healthy relationships. She believes that each of us have a wellspring within that can restore balance in our lives, empower strengths and inner resources, and encourage healthier living and healthier relationships.