A Short Guide for a Curious Girl to Find Happiness in Daily Life

by Nataly Tzertzivadze

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Language : English
Publication Date : 31/03/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 120
ISBN : 9781982266578

About the Book

Life is a puzzle. What if someone can help you solve it? Growing up can be hard, especially for young girls. Changes in your body and mind can be overwhelming. What's the alphabet of life and God's intention? How can you realise your dreams? In this book Nataly Tzertvivadze offers indisputable guidance for girls. From the explanation of the menstrual period to the laws of health. Nataly has a master's degree in Education and nursing and has spent twenty years working in one of the best hospitals in Israel and runs her own business as a Health Coach Specialist. Let her be your life coach. Inside, you'll discover: *Essential lars of eternal health, eternal beauty *Strategies to achieve dizzying success *Abilities to create your own reality *Techniques how to choose real friends *How to visualise your dreams *And much more... By sharing her broad experience and life wisdom, Nataly guarantees that after finishing this book, you will be convinced of your uniqueness and invulnerability. Get The hidden secrets about you today!

About the Author

Nataly Tzertzivadze has been working as a RN for last 20 years, her career was started in the ER/CARDIO/ GE /ICCU departments of the best hospitals of Israel, but from 2012 her professional life has been continuing in USA, MA state. She keep on providing her Nursing Skills in several Home Care agencies, however, she created her own business, as a HEALTH COACH specialist, and wound care advisor. Nataly has been graduated from 3 universities, Her first education was related to Master In Education, philology and Russian literature. Her second degree in in Nursing Bachelor, Bar Ilan University in Israel, and Master in Public Administrator, Clark University, MA. Nataly Tz. has a broad multicultural background, she is interested as well in very multiple educational paths: medical related classes, stocks, precious gems, philosophical classes and more. Her life today fully dedicated to one single mission- to protect and educate teenagers, living in such a confusing and dangerous world. To fight with sick criminals is a duty of our deeply respected Policemen. We will talk directly to victims, with huge hope to make them strong, experienced and knowledgeable. Her plans for next 4-5 years - on line women academy, non profit organization: Good things happen to the Good people, where the the help of our Creatures she may fruitful fully her duties as a woman, as a medical provider and as a child of our Creator.