Principles of Teaching Yoga to Kids

A Complete guide on How to teach yoga to kids in a fun, creative and most effective way

by Nobieh Kiani Fard

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 21/09/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 236
ISBN : 9781982253837

About the Book

What you will learn in this book : 1- Become a kid again and teach yoga to children in fun, creative & magical ways! 2-How to design fun, diverse and unique yoga sessions for kids in different age groups. 3-All you need to know about how to be a unique and most Effective yoga kids instructor. 4-How to behave when facing challenges with the way kids might behave in the class in the most constructive and compassionate way. 5-How to introduce yoga postures and breathing exercises to kids and conduct fun,diverse and impactful games. 6- Inspiring stories and practical tools to take children into the world of meditation and relaxation 7-Lots of bright ideas on how to invite children to silence 9- You’ll learn how to begin and end a session in the most effective ways. 8-Also you’ll learn about : Storytelling,poems,role playing,Fun games, chakra healing, colors and their effects, partner yoga, lots of groups and cooperative games,Anatomy & so much more. By choosing to take this journey you’ll : Play, Laugh,Relax,Learn & Teach yoga to kids!

About the Author

Nobieh is an international yoga and dance instructor and Workshop Organizer. Owner of NOBIEH school of yoga registered with Yoga Alliance since 2014. Founder of a conscious dance system called "Dance Of No Name", author of the book by the same title “ Dance Of No Name”. She is also an Independent Natural Artisan Perfumer. She has taught yoga for two decades, travels internationally training kids and teachers on advanced yoga. She also carries out yoga and dance workshops, and training to group therapies. In doing all of these, she sells her natural perfumes and jewelry collection around the world. Her starting point with yoga was IYENGAR style… For a couple of years she was assisting, then teaching with a Senior Iyengar yoga teacher in her home country, Iran. Then she started to teach yoga to children and as she is saying it herself : “ I am always so grateful for the gift of sharing my passion at the beginning of my journey to kids, as they taught me the real meaning of meditation which is to be totally present in That moment… “ Those early experiences of teaching yoga to children took her into journeys of learning more about the psychology of connecting with kids, color therapy, getting more and more creative in the process of her learnings,diving more into inner child therapy works & … Also like everything else in her own life , she sees abundance as well in Yoga… So she never limited her teachings into just one style of yoga and she explored different styles, methods to connect with her nature which is creative, dynamic,intuitive,fun,colorful,modern with lots of respect to keep the real aspects of the traditions in which she was learning about… All those experiences lead her to create her own Yoga kids TTC (Teacher’s Training Course) which today she offers in Nobieh school of yoga registered with yoga alliance since 2014. “””It’s been an honor to educate teachers globally and witness how they get in touch with their own inner child,mostly as they refer to this program “ A life changing experience”... Also bring the joy of yoga into other children in their own time and unique creative way…””” Nobieh.