The Making of a Master

by Ted Scott

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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/1/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 402
ISBN : 9781504322584

About the Book

Qiang is the son of Chao, a peasant farmer whose wife is Nuan. When Qiang was very young Nuan gave birth to a little girl, Lan. Qiang and Lan become inseparable. But Nuan notices that when Qiang goes off to school, after a time he comes home late. Finally Nuan goes off to find what is detaining her son and she finds that he has been receiving tuition from a Buddhist master on meditation. Nuan soon notices that Qiang has some extraordinary talents. But after many seasons of plenty, a long drought sets in and Chao is no longer able to provide for his family. Unable to pay the Emperor’s taxes, Chao realises he must relocate. Chao faced with the shame of not being able to care for his family commits suicide. The family is taken in by the provincial governor, Xian Riu. The governor is an austere man, who although generous to Qiang’s sister and mother, is determined to test Qiang in the most arduous of ways. In his final test the governor sends Qiang off to deliver a gift to another provincial governor. Unfortunately to meet his obligations Qiang has to traverse areas where bandits now prevail. The story relates how Qiang endures his hardships in meeting his obligations to Xian Riu. Along the way he is captured by bandits and escapes. He encounters new masters who help him learn the basic tenets of Buddhism which enable him to maintain a sense of equanimity despite his trials. There is a final confrontation with the bandits which Qiang must endure before returning to Xian Riu’s palace meeting all his obligations where he is finally confirmed as a Buddhist master and endowed with the title Takygulpa Rinpoche.

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