One Conscious Choice

The Power to Transform Your Life, Relationships & Make a Difference in the World

by Karen A. Bowen

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/30/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 210
ISBN : 9781982232603

About the Book

In One Conscious Choice, Karen A. Bowen shares a simple and profound new way of understanding our choices, relationships, how life works, and what keeps us repeating old patterns. And, how with the power of one conscious choice, we can change, overcome obstacles and accomplish our dreams, bringing us more success and happiness than we thought possible.

In her work and research with clients over the last twenty years, Karen realized that there are only two ways to relate to life and each other. In this remarkable book, we discover how these two approaches work and why one is guaranteed to lead to pain, suffering and a life of mediocrity while the other inevitably leads to accomplishing extraordinary relationships, true success, joy, and our heart’s desire.

Karen offers both a psychological and spiritual explanation with practical methods of moving out of the pain and suffering side of life. A series of stories are interspersed throughout the text revealing individuals who have actually made life-enhancing changes.

About the Author

Karen A. Bowen is the originator of the “Authentic Relationship Triangle” or A.R.T. In her writings and seminars she demonstrates her special skill of teaching how life works and how to make spiritual laws practical in our everyday lives.

Her mission is to teach ethical relationships, to remind each person of their power of creation and to assist them in removing whatever obstacles block their path to fulfilling their heart's desire.

She believes each and every one of us has been gifted with talents and abilities uniquely our own. And, part of our life purpose is to uncover those talents and abilities, develop them and then use them for the common good.

If you are interested in more information about Authentic Relationships or becoming an A.R.T. trainer contact Karen at

Her other books are Meeting Your Match – A Practical Guide for Finding Your Perfect Mate and Look for Me in June – Finding Your Pet After Rebirth.