Diamond in the Stone

My Story and Poetry

by River Blue

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 26/08/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 332
ISBN : 9781982280819

About the Book

Within the pages of this book can be found one man’s incredible journey to find true lasting peace and happiness, the great news is “I found both! Not in things places or people but somewhere we would not think to look. If you will allow me, I will show you, and I promise you “all your dreams can come true!” My Poetry and story are the result of my personal amazing journey and the key to finding your true self happiness and Peace.

About the Author

Like the reader, I have lived my life seeking to be happy and at peace, but found no lasting happiness or peace in things, places or People. That’s not to say things, people and places have not given me happiness and pleasure, but now my peace and happiness comes from within! My life before my awakened consciousness possessed no true meaning for me. It never made any sense to me, to be born then die!? But always the question of why? has directed me to work with Homeless /Addicted /Criminals /Mental and Physical sufferers and the dying for over 40 years. I have as a child and young adult experienced emotional / psychological deprivation and abuse, survived homeless slum life, violence, brutal institutions, my experiences have led me to believe two guiding principles i.e. do not judge and always care! I have also had the pleasure of working in more than several Professional capacities, one in the largest Global Pharmaceutical companies in the world, held Titles of which by some would be coveted and esteemed. Developed owned and run a business. Each opportunity has allowed me to see into the lives & circumstances of rich and poor and the darker corners of life not usually seen by the general masses. I believe my life has given me the insight that we are all subject to circumstances, difficulties, experiences happiness sadness and fears. The common denominator is “the human experience” We all respond to one extent or another in the same manner, therefor we are more one than separate! only the circumstances differ.....