Heal Your Mind and Your Body Will Heal

Book 5 Healing Attitudes

by Rev. Dr. Alma Marie Stevens RscF PhD.BS

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 27/06/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 74
ISBN : 9781982229467

About the Book

The series of books Heal Your Mind and Your Body Will Heal is designed to heal the body and mind. Book 5: Healing Attitudes aids in recognizing prevailing attitudes that have plagued human beings for centuries and in enabling one to face feelings associated with the attitudes. Here are what people are saying: “No more pain—the prayers work!” (Yvette). “It is the best tool for healing since Louise Hay’s Heal your Body” (Reverend M. MacLean). “A fabulous go-to reference library for what ‘ails’ you” (K. Rudolf, author of 5 Ways to Create a Ripple). “For the most obscure ailment, this is the book in finding the Word to start the process of healing” (Reverend Doctor C. E. Lambert). “This is a stunning book to assist with the alignment of the divine power in each of us” (D. Congdon). “These are mind-changing prayers” (Anonymous). “My cousin was driving me to the hospital, and when I got there, the doctor said that it had cleared up and I did not need the surgical procedure. It’s definitely something that doctors accept but don’t understand” (P. Gibson). “A method to heal yourself” (Judy Jackson, nurse practitioner).

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Alma Marie Stevens is a Retired Minister, after 38 years of continuous service from Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, Colorado. She continues her ministry as the author of Affirmative Prayer Books, lecturing, and teaching empowerment classes.