Write It in the Hearts of Women

Tuhia ki te Ngākau o ngā Wahine

by Hinemoa Pourewa

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 13/08/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 148
ISBN : 9781504318815

About the Book

Encased in the realm of destructive forces, the battle of one individuals compelling plight to bring forth the undeniable resiliance of survival gave voice to a shattered existence of hoplessnes; My Existence. Yet through the compelling darkness, a child’s soft weeping echoched deep within the hidden realms of Pandora’s hold. The silent whisper of hope resounded, “I am a Survivor.” Such prevailing whispers drove fourth the truths of accepting the charges of guilt, the onslaught of a destructive marriage, and the demise of an uncontrollable dis-ease that strove to ravish the very essence of health. Calling upon the lost path of childhood, an awareness of renewed spirituality cast its enlightened net in an attempt of salvation. Thus casuing the writhing dragons in their demonic realm of harvest to raise their heads in defiance against a once pure heart that screamed for life. --- Write it in the Hearts of Woman: Who exists in my heart?? She is a poetic instrument of a longing ache. A voice, compelled to sound the tone of a women’s silent stricken fears. Often, there is an underlying truth of emotional turmoil that erupts within the very essence of our being, yet so many of us are unable to barely speak the words of our breathing heart. Through these pages, a hand is stretched out in earnest, to hold, to seek comfort, to reach for the solitude of support, and above all, to be heard. I exist, therefore, I am. One symbolic voice cries out in the deliverance of life’s unravelling saga. Through the virtual imagery of poetic justice, the unravelment of existence and the right to survive are exposed. The exquisite language of poetry announces such passions that the fulfilment of lost words are spoken. A cry for the sisterhood of understanding and acknowledgement yearn to be discovered, so a solitary voice may rise in unison. A pathway is lit, and a light-bearer who has travelled through the shadows of bewilderment suddenly rises out of the abyss to cry, I am a survivor!

About the Author

Born into the guiding arms of Spirituality, she blossomed within the nurturing realms of hope, courage, and women whom believed in themselves. Through marriage she was embodied into a place of unbiased love, only to fall beneath the veil of struggle, and forced to face the demons that befell her husband and sway to wreck havoc upon her vulnerable family. She rose out of the ashes to protect her children as a Lioness protects her precious cubs. As an Early Childhood Educator, she understood the determination it took to succeed and place the plight of the innocent child above all else. Educated at Auckland University, Aotearoa/New Zealand, she battled through illness whilst determined to complete her Bachelor Degree of study. Eventually her journey drove her relentlessly forward to claim survival, and justify the uniqueness of individuality, confidence, and releaseing a complilation of self doubts that continuously threatened each footstep she bore. --- Hinemoa Pourewa / Simone Bennett captivated the hearts of the young through her teachings as an Early Childhood Educator. Gaining her Bachelor degree enabled her to express her understanding of the human spirit through the moral imagery of poetry, whilst accepting the challenging factors of dis-ease and the impact it laid out before her. Growing up in the dynamic cultural and spiritual aspects of New Zealand / Aotearoa, her self-discovery of survival repeatedly questioned the moral acceptance of failure, love and perseverance and the outstanding elements of the human spirit to survive. Hence she began to write.