It’s All About Love

Metaphysics Demystified A Handbook for Life

by Fran Wellgood

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/04/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 228
ISBN : 9781982225889

About the Book

What if we loved ourselves more than we could imagine? We are told to love ourselves, but we don't know how or even why. What if we learned actual techniques that helped us love ourselves and align our energy with our Higher Self and the Universe for a more joyous life? It’s possible, and it just takes willingness and practice. When we learn and use real tools, we are better able to surf the waves of life, and meet life with grace. When we learn how we are resisting loving ourselves and learn how to allow the love we are to flow through us, we utilize the buoyant, loving energy of the Universe to flow more smoothly and joyously through life. Everything is energy, including us! When our energy is in balance and flows smoothly, we feel harmonious, peaceful, and aligned with our true nature, our Higher Self, part of the Universe. This is our natural state. Daily life often seems to interrupt our connection with our true state of being. By working with our energy and metaphysical principles, we can remember who we really are; we realign with our true self, which is pure Love, and experience the ease, peace, and joy that results. Metaphysics is about using the energy we are beyond our body in a practical way while we are in this body. By understanding that we are both human and Divine and having compassion for how challenging it is to live in this world, we begin to understand Love, the most powerful force in the Universe. This is not mysterious; this is very real and very available to each of us. The keys to healing are Love and Willingness. The keys are yours for the taking.

About the Author

Fran is passionate about teaching people how to love themselves. She reminds people in private sessions and Reiki classes what this lifetime is for: to remember that we are Love; to learn how to love ourselves so we can fill up and spill that Love over to others; to express that Love and Light in ways that make our heart sing. She teaches that all of this is for Life’s true purpose – to live in joy. Fran has lived this journey. She began studying metaphysics in an effort to find a way to live life joyously. She became a massage therapist, then a Reiki Master/Teacher, Acupressure Practitioner, and Trager Bodywork Practitioner. She also has a deep understanding of Medical Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine. With more than 35 years of training and experience in healing energywork, and lifelong study and application of Metaphysics in her role as a teacher and life coach, she teaches how to work with our energy, ways to think, ways to be kind and loving to ourselves, and then to others. Fran helps people understand that we are connected with our inner being, our true, authentic self…we are connected with our power, which is pure Love. As she says, Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, and we are that radiant, dynamic force. Fran says her calling is to help people know they are Love, to express that Love, and learn how to receive that Love, and how to allow the flow of Love and peace into their lives. To this end, she lovingly guides and teaches people so they may be empowered with tools that help them have a life of Love and joy.