Physics 1

Physics That Calms the Soul for a Better Tomorrow

by John O'Donnell Jr.

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 19/06/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 46
ISBN : 9781982225704

About the Book

This book contains physics and technology. It goes from theories of space that cannot be disproved and that make more sense day by day. It ranges from that to new words that had to be made to make physical sense of the world. It also ranges from simplifying theory names to shorter names to make physics easier when they become symbolized in the English language, to make physics and words a calculation and something that is provable and can be believed in. Prince John O’Donnell Jr. invented symbolizing English, and with his rights and funds from the book, he will fund monasteries to symbolize the words. And he will fund a children-and-adults game of cards from the words within and from the technology within that John O’Donnell Jr. created. Enhance your mind with the words of a brilliant man who envisions the future in an easy and fun way to read. This book really calms people down by instilling confidence in O’Donnell’s leadership to lead us to new worlds. O’Donnell’s will also gives us fun by creating this card game from the words and theories in the book itself. Please enjoy.

About the Author

John O’Donnell Jr. grew up in La Jolla California. He bounces off the wall sometimes with energy and at other times he is very calm because he spent all his energy working out or working on Physics. He has been working on Physics since he was 16 and spent ages wondering about time travel and how to accomplish it and got to the source of the issues in this book, and addresses how time travel is just space travel using the right words we can do it right we just have to follow John O’Donnell Jr. as the leader of future space or as this book indicates future time travel. He wants to bring everyone into the magic of Physics, and is creating a card game from the words in the book here and technology be invented that are in this book. This is to get children interested in Physics and becoming great leaders.