30 Days of Positive Thinking

A “How-to-Feel-Happy” Guide

by Gunhild Desilets

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 27/03/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 80
ISBN : 9781982224226

About the Book

A daily dose of inspiration and motivation to happy thinking. 30 Days of Positive Thinking: A “How-to-Feel-Happy” Guide is a handbook with daily affirmations (mantras) and techniques to give focus to positive thinking. Use the book in two ways: 1) open the book to the date of the month or 2) close your eyes and let your fingers stop the page your soul needs that day. Either way, you will always read what you need to hear each day. The handbook will guide your focus to something positive. Keep the handbook on your night stand, in the bathroom, or in your travel bag. It will soon be a friend you go to for daily motivation and support.

About the Author

Gunhild “Gigi” Desilets is a yoga teacher and a yoga studio owner. A former model and actress she found herself in need of stress relief and personal growth. She discovered yoga in 2002 in Michigan, USA. Since then yoga, meditation and spirituality have been a part of Gunhild’s daily life. It helped her out of depression, anxiety, suicide thoughts, an eating disorder and addictions. She lives to share the wisdom her teachers and mentors gave her. Gunhild lives in small town Norway with her husband, two children and two cats.