Our Ancient Ancestors' Lost History Reconstructed

Based on the Urantia Book

by William Lucas

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Language : English
Publication Date : 16/12/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 316
ISBN : 9781982218003

About the Book

Most of the researchers, archaeologists, anthropologists, and many more who have appeared on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens have admitted their belief that extraterrestrials created humanity. And those creators were none other than the Anunnaki (those who came from heaven) of the Sumerians. Why has no one realized the Anunnaki needed someone to create bodies for them? It is obvious they couldn’t use the bodies they used on higher worlds on our earth. People don’t realize the Sumerians were just as much in the dark as people of today are. The Anunnaki came to our planet over two hundred thousand years before the Sumerians’ time, and those Anunnaki are the same beings that the Western world’s Bible calls sons of God, in Genesis 6:4, where it’s stated that the sons of God gave children to the daughters of men. The Urantia Book claims that surgeons from a higher universe came to our planet and took genes from the most advanced humans and, with bioengineering, created bodies for those sons of God in Genesis 6:4. This is where all the confusion originates. Instead of the Anunnaki creating the humans, humans’ bodies were created for the Anunnaki. They came to help civilize humanity. There were one hundred of these sons of God that came—fifty men and fifty women. The Bible often calls both men and women sons of God; there’s no distinction, Hebrew 12:6-7. This happened during the time of Lucifer’s rebellion. Sixty of the sons of God rebelled along with Lucifer; they are the ones that had children by humans with bodies made of human genes. In the book of Enoch, they are referred to as Watchers and fallen angels, emphasizing that they were from higher worlds or heaven.

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