How the Meditation Can Heal Your Mind

by Lina Quinones

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Language : English
Publication Date : 08/02/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 60
ISBN : 9781982215880

About the Book

I have the idea of write this book because for my own experience about meditation. One year ago I had been write about children stories. But when I start to write about How Meditation Can Heal Mind. I fell so great because I think this is a very good suggest about spirituality and because by my own experience I can talk about this suggest. The book is about how you Spirit can help you to gain a lot of creativity you have a great intelligence. For that reason I write this book because your spirituality is very important in your daily basic . You can do the meditation every single day because with this practice your mind can heal with so many mental illness like depression panic attack and many other mental illness. Also you can have a great spiritual life. For me to write about my own experience with my daily meditation , and how the meditation can heal your mind its was a wonderful experience because I can explain to the reader my great own experience. I explain too how the practice of the meditation can help you in many areas of your life specially in the area of creativity , your intelligence. With the practice of meditation learned my spirit guide who help me to get it a lot of creativity reason that I can write right now. My daily meditation I feel so nice I can tell you that you can feel so great with your spirit . With the practice of meditation you can have a very good life specially in the area of spiritual. With the practice of meditation you can have a very low percent to have the illness of the dementia. I can tell you that I have a wonderful spiritual life. My spirit help me in all aspect of my life for that reason I encourage you to read this book.

About the Author

Lina Quinonez , she born in the Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic. She live in the Bronx New York City for about 42 years.Mrs Quinonez she also married with his second husband name Mario. She have two sons names Edwin who have 40 years old and Willie who have 35 years old. She have one Brother who live in Dominican Republic name Sixto. Mrs. Quinonez love to live in New York City, because she live for some many years. She Bilingual Spanish and English She went to College. She is a wonderful writer she like to write about Children, spirituality and about is own experience. She love to write about spirituality because by is own experience she can write about meditation. She have a wonderful experience about this suggest , because she think that the most important thing is your spirit and for that reason she wrote this book. She practice the daily meditation, because Mrs Quinonez have a great interesting in meditation. She also know that your daily meditation can heal your mind, also you can have a lot intelligence. Quinonez its going to feel more better satisfied with this book. Mrs Quinonez is very good writer . She very versatile and very creative. She also is very good reader, over the years she had been reading a lot of wonderful stories. One that wonderful stories is great book about Mr Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the great stories about One Hundred of Solicitude, she like other famous writer too. Mrs Quinonez feel very good to write about the suggest of meditation, because she want that everybody that to read this book.