Letter’s from Tomas

Journey of a Twin Flame

by Amaranth J Warren

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/12/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 226
ISBN : 9781982217419

About the Book

Connected throughout time and space were a man and a woman. Although they had yet to meet, there was a knowing deep in their souls of a love they shared. Do you have a longing that you can’t quite put your finger on? Does the twin flame phenomena stir something inside you? It took me well into adulthood to finally find the courage to peer into the realms of my soul where the Pleiadian elders held my hand, connecting me with Tomas within the twin flame phenomenon. What does a person do when they are shown a wormhole to a different dimension by entities that have time traveled down to a mere thought wave? Letters were shared by my intangible mate and not one in pen. My beloved Tomas and the Pleiadians led me on a journey to my destiny. Only the wildlife that shared the woodlands, where the little stone cabin rested, were to bear witness of the esoteric events that unfolded that summer, where the river runs north. Telepathic energies allowed me to learn much from the previous unfamiliar realms of my mind, validated by the Pleiadians who in turn shared timeless and insightful lessons for anyone to read and follow—thirty in all. The Pleiadians, my teachers, my guides, and my friends influenced the principles in this book, with their wisdom to share with those seeking to raise the vibrations of the planet with the twin flame unions. Through my personal mission, I learned the intricate details of the power of thought and how the simplicity of the little things we take for granted are in fact the big things, linking us telepathically to our collective subconscious. Past, present, and future come full circle when we look inside the origins of our soul.

About the Author

Amaranth J Warren is a Reiki Master/Teacher and holistic practitioner with a devoted passion for wildlife and environmental concerns. She orchestrated and was acting director of a non-profit wildlife rescue organization serving a tri-state area for over twenty years. Amaranth has led the way for other holistic practitioners as the first person in the state of Iowa allocated by the Iowa Veterinary Board to practice holistic modalities on animals and keeping these practices exempt from veterinary medicine, May 2002. She has taught Reiki throughout the United States, four countries, and continues to travel the America’s teaching and sharing the healing energies of Reiki with endangered species and areas of environmental distress. Amaranth conducts workshops on Introduction to Energy, Reiki Certification and Holistic Therapies on Animals. She has been the focus in local newspapers and an ongoing guest speaker for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Conservation Radio AM Talk Shows. Through her years of studies, she has found the energy that comes from within needs to be ignited and fueled to fully benefit any and all other healing modalities. Being a true Reiki Master, Amaranth has allowed Reiki to Master her, resulting in opening a doorway to her own innate powers of consciousness. She remains in constant commune with those in other dimensions, specifically, the Pleiades. Amaranth is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Reflexologist, Master Class Wildlife & Endangered Species Permitee; Iowa State DNR, US Fish & Wildlife Migratory Bird Permitee and has an AAS Natural Resources, B.A. in Psychology.