3 Pendulum Languages

Contact Your Angelic Team, Pendulum on the Hand & Charts and Maps

by Raven Shamballa

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/24/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 98
ISBN : 9781982227746

About the Book

Learn how to use the pendulum as a divination tool for white light spirit communication. As many light workers grow on the spiritual path, they naturally gravitate toward wanting a stronger relationship with their spirit guides. Learn an advanced style of communication using the pendulum. Go beyond yes/no/maybe questions and learn how to hold a conversation with your spirit guides. The 3 languages include, how to contact your angelic team, pendulum on the hand and charts and maps. These languages allow for advanced communication with your angelic team.

This book includes additional charts for communication including vitamins and herbs, crystals and essential oils. The book also includes blank charts that you can use to design your own charts to get more detailed information. Color charts are available for download at her website www.ravenlightbody.com​. Pendulum work is considered training wheels for becoming clairaudient. As you practice the art of divination, you find you hear or know the answer before the swing of the pendulum, and through this process you develop your psychic abilities.

About the Author

In 2014, Raven Shamballa awoke from an operation to find she was a full-blown psychic. For eight years prior to the surgery, Raven used the pendulum to ask her team questions about what was occurring during her energy healing sessions. Raven is a psychotherapist and includes energy healing in her work. By asking questions of her guides before and after using the pendulum she developed a style of energy healing called Negative Energy Release Work. This information is presented in the book the 100 Chakra System.

Raven needed to develop a system of advanced communication beyond yes/ no/maybe during her period of psychic development. She developed a conversation style, using pendulum on the hand, that assisted her in strong communication with her angelic team. She shares her knowledge in this book.

Raven lives in Oceanside, CA, where she works as an energy healer, psychic and psychotherapist. She gives workshops and classes. Raven leads on-line meditations that clear the energy body to the 100 Chakra. For more information see her website www.ravenlightbody.com, search Raven Shamballa on YouTube. Search Raven Lightbody on Facebook. Search ravanshamballalightbody on Instagram.

Raven, grew up as Monica Kelly in Clovis, CA. In college, Raven decided to practice hatha yoga to explore her Indian roots. That led to countless workshops on metaphysics. During this time, she lived in a yoga community which introduced her to meditation, Kriya yoga and Raja Yoga. She returned to Fresno for graduate school. She graduated as a Marriage and Family Therapist at California State University Fresno in 2008. After graduation she discovered energy work, spiritual hypnosis and past life regression.