Sunshine 4 Your Soul

Positive, Powerful Parenting . . . One Breath, One Step, One Day at a Time.

by Marion Ingerson-Heart

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/05/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 190
ISBN : 9781982280598

About the Book

Sending a message to all you wonderful, hardworking parents! Would you like to discover and release your personal power, make positive changes, and create greater balance and harmony in your family life? Well, responsible parenting is at your fingertips. You don’t need me to tell you how hard parenting can be. Babies don’t arrive with a manual, a Parental Guide for Dummies. We just have to get on with it and do our best whilst watching everyone else seemingly do it better than us. But so many other parents feel the same. They experience self-doubt, guilt, fear. They lack belief in their abilities and see themselves as failures. They’re tired, overwhelmed, demoralised. And becoming a parent doesn’t mean we automatically shrug off our “stuff.” We’re still stuck with our insecurities, our history and herstory—the family experiences, habits, learnt behaviours, and often unresolved feelings from our experiences as children. Still coping with all that in our now grown up lives, we then become a parent. Now we have small people relying on us—tiny, fragile people we love so much, needing and expecting us to nurture and care for them and make sure we get it right. Then they grow into toddlers who seem to challenge our every word, then children with changing needs and an answer for everything, and then come those dreaded, wonderful teens! But it doesn’t have to be such a challenge. Here is where it can all change, if you believe it can and if you want it to. Positive, powerful, responsible parenting is within your grasp. Read my book, find some sunshine for your soul, and start today. Rediscover the wonderful, unique, incredible person and not just the parent that you are and do it just one breath, one step, one day at a time.

About the Author

Marion believes that everyone deserves Sunshine 4 their Soul. Her unique book is based son her life experiences and the lessons she's learned and benefited from. With equal measures of frankness, honesty and self deprecating humour, Marion invites to you read about her childhood, her family, her rebellious teenage years, her parenting years... and offers you the opportunity to explore yours whilst giving you the tools to make positive changes. With over 25 years experience of working with teenagers, Marion passionately believes that the behaviours they display are just their way of acting out their hidden emotions and fears and asking for help and guidance. Investing time, energy and love in our young people today means that tomorrow the world can be better, for them, for you, and for us all. Marion believes that is our responsibility as parents to set the clear, healthy, positive boundaries and rules that our children need. And if we replace negativity and hopelessness with a positive outlook and faith in the outcome, we will succeed in changing family relationships for the better. But the place to start is with yourself. Finding self belief, self acceptance, self love... Marion didn't have these - but she was superwoman. She flew around assisting, helping, sorting, advising her family and friends - whether they wanted her to or not! With painful honesty Marion recalls moments from her life that she would possibly rather forget. But what she has tried to take from every experience is the lesson to be learned and how to move forward. And how to work on loving herself. No longer superwoman. Just a caring, passionate, insightful woman. Willing and happy to share her story and advice with you in the hope that you may find a little personal Sunshine 4 your Soul - just one breath, one step, and one day at a time.