The Quantum Connection

by Alexa Keating

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Language : English
Publication Date : 20/09/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 82
ISBN : 9781982211264

About the Book

Since time began, there have been masters among us and a select few in our population who became faithful followers. These are the people who have made our planet’s ascension possible against all odds. Whether you are one of them or just an everyday kind of person who lives and lets live, the quantum attributes of your DNA and the innate that surrounds you has awoken and recognized the magnificence of the events unfolding now. You’re in it—whether you are aware of it or not. This book is filled with simple, practical guidelines to ensure that ordinary people can enjoy the extraordinary opportunities this new energy offers. Namaste.

About the Author

You may expect to find all the typical credentials that are intended to impress upon the reader that the writer is qualified at something and capable of almost anything. If not, surely it must be so! I prefer to greet each of you as family, because we all are. I welcome the opportunity to share time and energy with each of you, which is exactly what happens when we share these moments. I enjoyed a long career in Real Estate, Mortgage Banking, Appraisal, Interior Design Stylist and New Construction. These many pursuits led to a year’s long listing in 'Who's Who in America', Business/Finance. My most beloved job was being a mother to my three sons. My youngest son was murdered in 2012, easily the most difficult time in my life. The facts about the case have just finally begun to emerge. As we waited and waited I found great solace in writing. Never rest on your laurels! I know that my reputation is only as good as my last effort at writing. I have spent most of my life pursuing a greater level of spiritual awareness. It has been a journey worth traveling, filled with miracles and learning experiences. I actually worked as a 900 operator for an online psychic service and have spent years reading and interpreting tarot cards. I excel at the fine art of loving humanity and our great planet. The most important writing goal for me is that my words be healing, transformative, informative and humorous whenever possible; laughter lifts the soul! I have been blessed with many different opportunities in creative arts; my books reflect these varied interests. I appreciate every person who takes the time to peruse, read and share my work with me.