Born to Ask and Receive

How I've Increased My Self-Love After Surviving Abuse and How You Can Do It Too!

by Cindy Fox

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/10/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 242
ISBN : 9781504316217

About the Book

How could your life change if you knew HOW to Allow to Receive from the Universe, what you have Asked for?

Born to Ask and Receive is the missing link between Asking and Receiving. Includes a Unique experience of HOW to read a book, which sets this book apart from all other books. Also gives you practical ideas of HOW to Allow you to Receive, after you’ve asked for things from the Universe, Angels, God or from that higher power you believe in.


Do you feel lost, unhappy, stuck, have lost the joy and passion in your life and not sure how to get it back? *** Are you using I AM Affirmations, Gratitude, but they don’t seem to work? *** Do you find it easy to love others and to be there for them to say encouraging words, but find it difficult to do the same for yourself? *** Are you at a crossroad and not sure which way to go? *** Are you struggling with a lack of self-love, with self-image issues, with the negative effects of emotional, physical, or any other type of abuse or the endless, unquenchable desire to have other people's approval?

You are not alone; millions of people struggle with these issues. Cindy did too. With the help of her angels, she is now sharing easy-to-follow ideas and unique techniques how you, too:

• could fall in love with yourself,

• could start believing in yourself more

• could have I AM Affirmations work for you,

• could get the answer to HOW to Allow what you ask for from the Universe or that higher power you believe in,

When you find love from within, you attract people worthy of your love, time and are able to create and live a new and happy life on your terms!

This is what a few readers have shared …

“Thanks Cindy!!! In response to I AM Wise, I AM Unique. It was a rough, emotional day today...just really needed this right now!! Thank you for sharing your true self and your wonderful wisdom!! Blessings and much love!!!” – Sue Freeman, Wisconsin, USA


“Wow Cindy, love these affirmations, especially I AM Imagination! The more I hear of your story, the more inspired I am. You are a truly remarkable woman setting such a wonderful example for your children and you’re also teaching them by example. These are lessons that sadly, most schools do not teach but your children have an advantage over most, they are blessed to have you as their mother! We are all blessed to have you in our world! Hugs.” – Gisele Bourdeau, Ontario, Canada


""Constantly I am told what I should be. Everywhere I look, there are suggestions and reminders to change, improve, use this, or become this. The reality is that I have everything inside me. I do not need because I am . . . Cindy's gentle reminders are encouragement to dig deep to find all the nuggets of truth and beauty in my being. Cindy has experienced so much heartache in life. Events out of her control that would have brought others to the end of their sanity brought her to her knees in prayer and surrender to what will be. Cindy learned to focus on having a heart filled with love. From all the pain has come words of comfort and hope, all wrapped in appreciation. Angels follow Cindy wherever she goes, and she willingly shares all she has with everyone."" – Brenda Verhoff, Missouri, USA


Invest in Your Self and the World Around You by Ordering Your Copy Now, for yourself or as a gift, for those you love!


With Love,
Cindy Fox

About the Author

Cindy Fox, (Author of the Best-Selling book, Born to Ask and Receive) is a woman on a mission to share the importance of self-love and shares her passion in innovative and fun ways.

She was able to turn the painful part of her past into a book, that is overflowing with positivity.

She’s also turning the self-help book world upside down, shaking it all up with her innovative way of constructing a book into something so unique and different, that sets Cindy’s book apart from any other book! Not just writing about the words but the way the book is constructed.

As a survivor of abuse, her desire to help her own self, her family as well as her passion to help others, resulted in ‘Born to Ask and Receive’ - a 242-page paperback. The book’s content was sent to Cindy, by her Angels, not only to help her but then for her to also share with the world.

With her pet duck Oscar’s help, Cindy was able to practice relaxing to ‘hear’ her Angels messages.

Combined with her ability of ‘hearing’ and then translating her Angels’ messages into action and into words, she was able to not only change her life but publish a book that is setting a new benchmark for all other self-help books.

The book includes information which quite possibly has never been discussed in a book before and it carries a strong message that once that information spreads, people all around the world will be able to more easily tap into more and more self-love.

Many people can write about different topics, but not many are able to combine different topics, yet still have an easy flow sequence of what they write – and as an added bonus, allow the reader to become a ‘co-author’ of the same book they are reading, if they wish to be. Cindy was able to achieve all that and more!

Cindy’s fun, easy flow writing style, her attention to detail with the reader’s best interest in mind throughout, makes the reader feel at total ease as well as feel that they can share their feelings freely, openly, and judgment-free.

For the past few years, Cindy has been the CEO of Fun-filled Happy life, and she shows you how you can have a fun-filled happy life too! She is in a loving, caring relationship with a man who supports her in all her endeavours of becoming a better version of herself every day, and in four years, has not once asked her to change.

Mother of four beautiful souls, home educator to her two still school aged children, artist, international best-selling author, Cindy is an inspiration to many people in different parts of the world with her own life’s transformation. Cindy is still the down-to-earth woman now, as before her book became famous.

What she is sharing in her book already works for achieving more than what Cindy has dreamt of about her published work. When you apply what she shares, how she asks and always receives more than what she is asking for, it could work for you to achieve your dreams and much more too.