Song of the Sparrow

Nature Vignettes Through Lens & Thought

by Deborah Freeman

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 29/07/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 56
ISBN : 9781982208028

About the Book

Song of the Sparrow offers a sense of wonder inspired by the natural world. The serendipity and enjoyment of nature through the beauty of just being present. The observations of isolated and intimate moments. Some are humorous, some sad, some downright scary. They are filled with rhythms—the rhythm of the tides, the rhythm of the eagle’s wing-beat as it flies over us, the rhythm of the soft rain as it falls on our tent. While this book is about sharing experiences exploring the Salish Sea, these vignettes can be enjoyed anywhere by anyone who experiences nature in small and simple ways. Readers may have their own experiences with the natural world currently or may be removed from natural settings, but they still have a core yearning to be a part of the whole. This book will be embraced by those that enjoy intimate interactions among humans, animals, and plants. Song of the Sparrow is unique, not only because of the West Coast habitat but also because it is based on personal adventures and yet present in a universal context. It is Deborah’s intention through photography and prose to offer a point of reference and insight for the unique moments that are a part of enjoying nature. While the images and narrative are specific to one place, it matters not where the reader resides. It is Deborah’s hope that these snippets create a canvas for all to broaden their own experiences with nature, no matter where they occur.

About the Author

Deborah has photographed, meditated in, and explored different aspects of nature for many years. She has studied with a number of healing practitioners, particularly in the areas of Flower Essences and Herbal Medicine used by various First Nations people. She continues to record through her writings and photography documentation of the natural world. She shares the delight and surprise in all that she sees through her vignettes and photography. She has co-written two previous books on Flower Essences and Healing plants of the Pacific Northwest, Nettles and More...