Health Disclosure

Chiron's Healing Journey

by Adam Masters

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Language : English
Publication Date : 14/02/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 580
ISBN : 9781982221584

About the Book

How do you begin to resolve a health crises that appeared from the outset to be so complex, yet in the end was so basic to resolve? Masters used his recovery and that of others to develop a Health Matrix to just two basic considerations missed by the medical profession to help others solve for just about any health crisis or disease. The concept that nutrients are good and toxins are bad, rarely considered, is mostly where needless suffering begins. The system we rely on is out to chase disease moving farther and farther from finding solutions to health that are becoming more and more obvious. Masters’ principles to achieving health for just about anyone is to create a body where disease cannot exist.

About the Author

Adam Masters resolved his severe osteoporosis to imbalances of just six categories possible that cause the blood to become acidic with bones becoming brittle. He also found it helpful that disease does not begin in the gut. He says that, “Digestion issues are just a reflection of toxic accumulations elsewhere in the body and that the solution to breast cancer holds a similar truth”. The curing of his autoimmune disease was the key to his survival, anyone can use (contained in Chapter 8). Masters went on to find that pain, inflammation, obesity, disease, medications, cancer, elective surgery, and even mental illness are mostly irrelevant once underlying toxic conditions of surplus and deficiencies have been cancelled. To solve his own cancer Masters realized that no one has ever died of cancer and that cancer is a healing mechanism of the smart, intelligent body of underlying toxic conditions. Health holds a deep truth that is in alignment to the codes of creation where only the truth can exist. The Health Matrix he put together is a basic road map that will expand with ideas of others, yet to be discovered. Don’t be confused with theories, because results are the closest to the truth one can get. Join him on his journey to discover the truth as he solves incurable diseases easier than ever thought possible.