by Jackie Zinni

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/11/2018

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 28
ISBN : 9781982205171

About the Book

“Love” opens little ones to the power of love and its connection to all things through simple phrases and rainbow watercolors. This is a great guide for adults to introduce an experience of meditation to children that helps develop more awareness of the heart through feelings. The illustrations and questions allow the audience to remember that love always was, is, and will be. “Love” is a book for everyone, which plants new seeds of awareness and the beauty of love.

About the Author

Jackie Zinni is an artist, equestrian and yogini who had an Awakening Experience in 2016. The bliss and oneness from that “Awakening Experience” forever changed her, and the words you read in this book are the words that came through her that day. Each page has a vibrant watercolor and message in large font paired with a phrase in smaller font to help the reader become present with a new facet of feeling love. The book is a guide to have a simple practice to personally experience & remember the power and beauty of love and have a greater appreciation of life itself. These phrases and pictures are not her own, she is merely a conduit of the message that Love is in everything, everyone, all the time, in every way. Her hope is that this little book of LOVE will find its way to the people that may draw inspiration from it and connect with that incredible Love that is already within, waiting to be discovered & experienced in the unique way that is you. The people reading it to their children, or the people reading it as a sweet reminder to enter meditation, will radiate a more loving energy into the world. That energy will transform people into a more loving version of themselves and spark an inspiration of compassion in all it reaches. The readers will together create a more loving world and Awaken to their own Love. She invites you to nurture the seed of love within, and surrender to the amazement of its blooming…. and of who you really are.