Nusa & the Sandcastle Celebration

by Dr. Colleen Vaillancourt DC.

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 13/06/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 28
ISBN : 9781982203597

About the Book

Nusa is a young imp who comes of age to participate in the Star Beach Sandcastle Celebration. She overcomes her fear of what others may think of her ideas and connects with her true self to create and share her beautiful inspirations.

About the Author

My name is Dr. Colleen Vaillancourt, DC. I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I currently work in Golden, Colorado. I have been practicing Chiropractic in Golden, Colorado for 11 years. I am also a Reiki Master and I have practiced Reiki for over 8 years. I realized after a few years of practicing Reiki, I had started to include spiritual life coaching. I have an incredible, kind, bright and loving little girl, who inspires me every day on my spiritual journey. I have a sweet 13-year-old cat, who always keeps me accountable for my time, a protective 9-year-old dog, who continuously reminds me of unconditional love and a dwarf hamster, who reminds me daily - All is one. I started my spiritual journey when I was around 15 years old. I had the opportunity to be exposed to books written by Louise Hay, Oprah Winfrey, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Candace Bergen and Abraham - Jerry & Ester Hicks. I had times from that point when I drifted back and forth from my spiritual journey, but I was always drawn back to that feeling that there was more to learn and experience. I lost my father at the young age of 18 and I then left home soon after that. This was a major turning point for me in lifestyle habits. I started University studying Human Kinetics at the age of 19. I had an incredible Nutrition professor that inspired me to think about the food I was consuming and learn about the food industry. I had an amazing Neurology professor who opened my mind to the complexity and mysteries of our central nervous system. I became the President of the Human Kinetics Council, Chairperson to our Human Kinetics Symposium and a Human Kinetics mentor. I trained how to be a personal trainer and worked as a fitness room supervisor. However, I knew there was more to it all. I am sensitive to other people’s energy, which used to make certain social engagements draining or uncomfortable throughout my life I have worked on self-worth, self-love, personal power, abandonment, anxiety, fear of failure, forgiveness, family love, security, speaking my truth, and trusting my intuition and having faith in the Universe. While I was in chiropractic college I was introduced to alternative methods of care for the human mind, body and spirit. I learned applied kinesiology, acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, Reiki, and my nutrition education grew too. After a couple years in practice, I realized how essential the state of the mind (thoughts) are for the healing and health of the human body. That is when I decided to get trained to be a Reiki healer. That is when my spiritual journey deepened and service to others began. Throughout these years, I have had this feeling drawing me to write different books, but the most powerful drive is to write children’s books and teach a positive belief system foundation. I have read hundreds and hundreds of children’s books since my daughter was bor. I would be honored to support other families begin a new dialogue and provide tools on how to navigate more successfully in the physical world while staying connected to the spiritual world.