Conduit of Light

Channeled Wisdom from Our Highest Consciousness for the Seeker of Wellness and Spiritual Freedom

by Danielle Wilkinson

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 16/08/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 90
ISBN : 9781982205461

About the Book

Conduit of Light is a collection of channeled intuitive communications. These communications are expressions of universal wisdoms and truths. The channeled messages contained in this book were received by the author (spiritual teacher and shamanic practitioner) Danielle Wilkinson during many deep meditation sessions. Danielle has cleared herself physically, energetically, and psychically, using various methods along her spiritual journey, in order to become a clear channel, a conduit of light. These communications originate from a collective source of energy known as highest human consciousness. These messages act as a guide for the seeker on a quest for wellness and spiritual freedom.

About the Author

Danielle Wilkinson is a mother, wife, spiritual teacher, yogi, yoga studio owner and artist who uses her creative and intuitive talents in many ways. Danielle’s intention in all of her work, is to awaken the divine connection in all of us. She hosts a variety of classes and workshops that assist many on their personal journey to self-cultivation. Danielle’s artwork is deeply rooted in her personal spiritual practices. She is a shamanic practitioner and visionary artist. Danielle’s message is one of universal connection and peace. Danielle expresses this idea of unity by creating very intricate mandala images. These sacred geometric images are formed from her photographs of nature. A mandala is an ancient image that has a deep spiritual connection and reminds us of the universal connection between all things that exist in life and nature. Danielle has had several gallery shows exhibiting her work. She has also started a clothing line called Journey Art that is comprised of wearable art featuring her unique and meditative designs. Wearing Danielle’s distinct intricate images is a way to remind yourself to stay centered in your daily life wherever you go. All of Danielle’s work has a unifying purpose; to assist people in becoming the best version of themselves. Join Danielle and embark on a magnificent journey as she holds the space for you to come home to yourself. To find out more about Danielle and her offerings, please visit: