SAF Simplified

Self Awareness Formulas

by Kathy M Scogna & Joseph R. Scogna Jr.

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 04/08/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 260
ISBN : 9781982205737

About the Book

Our symptoms are messages we were meant to decode. But are we listening? SAF® translates our symptom patterns from twenty-three systems, making this the Rosetta Stone for humans—an ancient-future speak that has already been encoded in our DNA. We can learn this coded language to improve our lives. Combinations of numbers create a complex image—a snapshot in time for us to examine. Life can be a puzzle at times. If you have any problem in your life, this means it is in your system. Doesn’t it make sense that the solution will be found inside your system too? The trick has always been how you find your answers? Given the choice, each of us has a problem or two we could do without. Although we make choices every day, somehow the same old problems return time and again. Throughout this book, you’ll learn how the mind works and how unresolved traumas from the past can still influence you and your behavior patterns in the present time. SAF® presents an opportunity for you to see your situation in a new light, and then something magical happens; a spark of understanding occurs. In this ah-ha! moment, stuck energy is released, and you will feel it! Thousands have studied this method of self-awareness through practitioners’ offices. It is now available to the general public in an easy-to-understand format. Just follow the instructions. When you learn to read your SAF® chain sequence, the pieces of the puzzle, those confusing emotions, lack of energy, or faded memories of a traumatic event will begin to fall into place. Let SAF® be the first step on the road to discovery. It will be a fascinating journey because it is a discovery about you!

About the Author

JOSEPH R. SCOGNA, JR. was at heart a nutritional researcher, concerned with the amount of radiation and radiant energies accosting humankind on a daily basis. What were these energies? How are we being affected? This became his quest. Joe wanted to understand Einstein so he studied what Einstein studied. He came to understand classical radiation, the principles of Light and Energy, as we see today in Quantum Physics. He developed his own brand of self awareness based on the organ and gland systems, and developed questionnaires and infrared as the input. He developed at way for humans to understand the messages we, as electrical beings, are receiving. Our DNA-RNA structures are infused with the Intention, Thought, and Desire to achieve balance. Joe was a prolific writer, a man on a mission to accomplish all he could in a short span of time. His work encompasses the darkest challenges we face, but also the hope and methods necessary for our transformation. KATHY M. SCOGNA and Joe Scogna married in 1975. Side by side, she worked as typist, editor, helped the practitioners at seminars, produced ads, and wrote books. After Joe’s death in 1989, she focused on raising her five children. During that time, she penned six history books and received two awards from the state of Pennsylvania. The reconstruction of Joe’s Life Energy work and the SAF® method began in 1999 when the first web site was created by her son ( The phone started ringing and has not stopped. Practitioners were finally ready for the information that Joe had been teaching. Kathy has infused this work with new life and vitality. She has overseen the publishing of books and manuscripts, has updated the computing programs into a dynamic, very usable online service that incorporates questionnaires and infrared for input. There has been a rebirth of Joe’s innovative ideas in energetic healing. Kathy serves as Director. Her children are actively helping spread the word about this incredible legacy, which now reaches a new generation of practitioner and student.