Courting Shakti

A Collection of Poems & Prayers

by Carla Faletti

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/05/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 78
ISBN : 9781504379090

About the Book

Shakti sits across the table from you in the corner of a dimly lit coffee shop. Little twinkling lights strung along the ceiling appear to ooze with golden honey. A single candle flame dances between the two of you, casting mysterious plays of shadow and light on the captivating face of the Goddess. Behind her is a wall of glass.

All at once you see her figure, the glass, people nestled under umbrellas on the sidewalk outside, cars migrating on the city street, raindrops gliding down the glass, and reflections of light fixtures inside the shop shimmering behind you. The air brushing your skin pulses in ecstatic dance. You perceive reality in layers. Time is your barista here.

The Goddess has reserved a table for you. Will you take your seat?

"Carla Faletti is a prophet of love, a truth seeker and her voice is strong medicine of warmth, persistence, and a deep connection of love for our Soul. Her gifts of poetry and prayers are golden."

—Carrie Kondor, inspirational speaker, counselor, and author of the popular e-book 7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and co-contributor of the bestselling books 365 Moments of Grace and Life Shifts.

"Carla's intriguing word pictures invite you to envision an expanded perspective of the world we all share."

—Christine Graeter, RN, MSN, PhD,
Director of Holistic Healing, The Healing Space of Cincinnati

About the Author

Carla’s heart is an exploding star, ablaze in Spanda, Love, Trust and Surrender to GODdess and Universe. In 2016 she embraced the Priestess path and has practiced yoga and meditation since 2009. She offers her writing in celebration, as gifts of gratitude back to the Source. Leap like hanuman leaps!