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Enlightenment for Busy People

by Marcie Anderson

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 03/01/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 128
ISBN : 9781504371520

About the Book

While studying in India, the ancient spiritual knowledge revealed to me that everything in this creation is made up of and is under the control of The Five Elements. Countless ancient traditions and civilizations have pointed to the greatness, profundity, and perfection of nature. It was through the combination of my fire element, my passion, and my will power, as well as the meditation and purification practices given to me by my guru Kaleshwar that resulted in a silence and peace deep within me. I began to have experiences that grew quickly and did not leave me. They built themselves, one upon another, revealing to me that I had become reconnected and reintroduced to the peace and information inside of The Five Elements. When I was able to reconnect to this vast and powerful inner silence through The Five Elements and through the unbelievable patience and grace of my teacher, it felt like opening a vault with limitless amounts of energy and unconditional love. It was a process where layers and layers of doubt, fear, sadness, pain, anger, judgment, and confusion were removed. This process required a lot of journaling, meditation, and shedding of my ego and lots of waterproof mascara.

About the Author

After a lifetime of searching for peace, happiness, and personal connection to God, Marcie Anderson spent more than a decade in India to study meditation, yoga, and sacred soul practices. She now teaches yoga as a soft and sometimes hilarious segue into Eastern spirituality. She offers unique and powerful practices to heal past, present, and future karma. She provides coaching services to help her clients reveal their own truth and encourages the practices taught to her by her spiritual guru Kaleshwar. Her techniques bring rapid results to both acute and chronic issues, including emotional issues like heartbreak, depression, lack of clarity or purpose, unworthiness, and fear, as well as physical challenges, poor health, anxiety, and addiction. Marcie and her daughter live in Marin County, where they offer sacred fire puja rituals monthly for a growing number of followers.