Just Believe

The True Life Story of My Brave Little Boy, Jack, Told Through My Eyes

by Tarina Marcinkowski

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 13/03/2017

About the Book

Tarina Marcinkowski has written a searing memoir about her two-year-old son Jack, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the time of his diagnosis, she is pregnant with her second son, Luke. Though she had not intended to write a book about her experience, the author realizes that people need to know exactly what Jack went through, what she went through, and what her family and friends went through. She tells her truth through her eyes as a mother, offering her story as the only way she knows to help or comfort others. From western medication to natural therapies, the author spares no detail about the treatments her son endures in the effort to save his life. Her purpose in offering this book is to show readers a story that is not uncommon in today’s world, to offer others the inspiration to know that even when things seem unbearable, anything is possible. This is a memorable story of a family’s resiliency in the face of the most difficult of circumstances.

About the Author

Tarina Marcinkowski is a mother whose world was changed by cancer after her eldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Embracing any information to find answers, in this book she shares her fears, her inspiration, and her inner most thoughts. Living in Australia with her husband and youngest son, she has begun a journey to inspire those around her to find healing and strength after grief.

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