More Than Intuition

My Personal Experience of the Ascension Process

by Tarra Logan

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 22/09/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 246
ISBN : 9781504365284

About the Book

Tarra was born in Gympie Hospital and is a fourth-generation daughter of immigrants, some of whom came to Australia on the Montmorency, while others arrived on the Ocean Chief and Beausite in the early to mid 1800s. For the first eight months of her life, she lived with her family in the sleepy seaside village of Tin Can Bay, which provided her with her first memories and is where this story begins. Moving each year with her father’s work, the family lived all over Queensland. Tarra’s upbringing was unusual. Her parents’ and grandparents’ attitude toward child-rearing was influenced by their experiences of the depression in 1929 and World War I and World War II. They wanted their children to be capable of surviving alone if necessary. Tarra was a spiritually aware and sensitive child who began to close her heart more and more each time a personal trauma touched her until she became “toughened up” by life. Her awareness of her need to understand life and her reactions to it began at eight years of age with one seemingly insignificant pivotal moment, which changed its course forever. This is Tarra’s true story and focuses on one aspect of her character—her spiritual growth, its challenges and joys, its frustration and humor, and its process—as she navigates her perpetual path toward ascension. Follow her journey as she speaks with family and friends now passed away, and family and friends from generations and centuries long past. Caz Greene, a trance channel, connects her in conversation with the Pleiadians, who are her family throughout time; archangels and goddesses; ascended masters, including Jesus and Ashtar; philosophers; and Gregory, a scientist whom she had never met before, not even in his time. Even for the reader, these channels can be intense, so be warned and pace yourself.

About the Author

Tarra is an Australian whose career was in retail management. She has travelled through Europe, Israel, UK, and USA; lived three years in Kathmandu, Nepal; two years in Nanning, China; and worked in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is a qualified reconnection practitioner now living in the Northern Rivers District of New South Wales (