Evil Spirits Cause Chaos in a Psychic's Life

Learn What You Can do to Avoid the Same Thing Happening to You

by Marie Foster

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/08/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 270
ISBN : 9781982224998

About the Book

Evil Spirits Cause Chaos in a Psychic's Life provides a raw, unfiltered account of the hidden dangers within the spiritual realm. This captivating read, emerging as a poignant addition to psychic books, navigates the complex journey of a fifty-year-old mother who stumbles upon her latent psychic abilities. The author unravels her experiences with malevolent spirits that pose as spirit guides, offering first-hand knowledge to readers seeking answers to questions such as “Who is my spirit guide?" and "Are spirit guides bad?" She candidly shares the turmoil these spirits caused, manipulating her trust, inducing chaos, and escalating their attacks when their deceit was threatened. As she ventures into the supernatural realm, she emphasizes the importance of seeking spiritual guidance. She stresses the importance of faith’s paramount role in the responsible development of one’s psychic abilities. The book is primarily tailored for psychics, especially those discovering their psychic abilities later in life and grappling with confusion and numerous questions. Readers learn from the author's experiences, making the book an invaluable resource, almost a spiritual guidance handbook for empaths and psychics. However, its scope extends beyond adult psychics and offers insightful knowledge to children psychics, making it an inclusive empath and psychic abilities book. The author's encounter with the spiritual battle between good and evil is at the heart of this intriguing narrative, emphasizing the need for firm faith and resilience. The author vividly recounts her life-altering miracle, a visible cross on a full moon, and the subsequent spiritual battle that fortified her faith in God. Readers experience her vivid visualization of wielding a luminous cross, symbolizing her soul intermingled with divine protection as she fought against the onslaught of malicious spirits. Evil Spirits Cause Chaos in a Psychic's Life serves as an eye-opening account and a compelling guide, providing readers with an understanding of the intricate world of psychic abilities, emphasizing the importance of spiritual discernment, and fortifying their resolve to confront and overcome adversities.

About the Author

Marie shares her story to help other’s who may be connected to the spirit world and not know what the evil side can do. Marie met and married Rex, an Air Force officer. As they moved from place to place they raised their two daughters, Hannah and Brook. Once Rex retired the family settled in Alabama as he started his second career with an Engineering company. After forty years of marriage Rex has retired and the two spend their time traveling and enjoying their grandchildren.