Discovering Your Higher Self Through Meditation and Visualization: A Beginner’s Guide

Master Your Inner Home so Your Outer World Reflects the Transformation

by Lynzie Bailey

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/21/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 110
ISBN : 9781504381055

About the Book

Discovering Your Higher Self Through Meditation and Visualization: A Beginner’s Guide resulted from Lynzie’s search for self, which began with dabbling in meditation in 2013 in connection with her work in real estate. Her meditation practice quickly expanded her awareness of the spiritual realm, an unfamiliar concept until then. Right away she became aware that many of us are discouraged from meditating because of strong religious beliefs and/or other societal influence. Society has trouble believing in the invisible. Lynzie found that she was destined to turn that tide. Lynzie intuited this program and her life’s purpose in her meditation. She will assist you in your evolutionary/revolutionary process so that you too can create a meditation practice suited to your likes and lifestyle. This is the “why” behind the creation of Lynzie’s program. It is the “why” behind how she lives her life, and she wants this for you!

About the Author

Lynzie Bailey grew up the middle child in a family of seven. Religion dominated the family dynamic, as did her parents’ upbringing during the depression and World War II. Until the age of 50, Lynzie believed that a ceiling and walls caged her world and that she could go only so far until…choosing to let go of her physical home precipitated a Spiritual Awakening, revealing that she had a choice about her spiritual home as well. Her inner home’s boundaries disappeared, and her spirit was freed. Lynzie’s meditation guide was born out of experience with developing her meditation practice. In the guide, she invites readers to come on a journey to discover their Divine connection. Her guide is for those with a deep spiritual hunger to connect with their soul. She is now gathering a community of individuals to whom she says, “As I have done, so you can, too.”