The Spoken Truth

by Mcgregory Frederique

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/12/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 84
ISBN : 9781504371728

About the Book

The Spoken Truth The book is about the truth within relationships. It's about different topics that most of us can relate to in our daily lives. We all want to know the answer to every question out there. Why do our partners continue to cheat? Why do men keep taking good women for granted? Why don't relationships last anymore? Why are good women or men so rare to find? This book speaks for all the brokenhearted, good women who deserve better in this world.

About the Author

McGregory Frederique is an inspired football player trying to make it into the football world. He has played semipro ball for the Westchester Steelers, and he graduated from Westchester Community College. He just really wants the world to know how passionate he is about this book! He wants people to know that he has dedicated his time and years just to have this book out. He is hoping it could inspire some young adults about the decisions that they make in their daily lives. Think about what kind of relationship you really want and what kind of person you want to get to know. There are so many different aspects you can choose from. Maybe his book could inspire someone to write their own book one day. The Spoken Truth will let the world know what the truth is behind love and relationships through his words to the audience reading the book. This book will show the other side of McGregory Frederique. It will show what he kept from the world, and he is happy to share his experiences with everyone.