Once Addicted Now Saved

by Bill Smith

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 08/12/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 54
ISBN : 9781504300230

About the Book

The book is based on my life story to the age of forty. I was a normal young boy growing up. I enjoyed being a kid and playing with my friends after school and on the weekends. I loved my mum and dad very much. We would go on picnics and go swimming and fishing. We used to go to Sunday school, and I loved that. I just loved life! When was thirteen, Mum and Dad bought a boat, and we would go away every second weekend. I left school in fourth form and started work straight away. I had a number of jobs and met a girl. Eventually we were going to get married. When I was twenty-one, I caught my best man in bed with my girlfriend. That put me over the edge. So I started into drugs and drinking to escape the pain. I was hurting every day. You could say I was two people: Bill 1 and Bill 2. Unhappy Bill 2 would get stoned and drink every day. I was not proud of myself, but that was the way it was. I moved to Port Stephens to start a new life, but the only thing that changed was living in a new area; I still did drugs and drank, and one day I thought about committing suicide. Then one day I got down on my knees and cried out to God. He heard my cries, and I started going to church and was saved. I was delivered from drugs and drunkenness. It's now been eighteen years since I’ve had drugs or been drunk. God performed a miracle in me, and I want that for other people.

About the Author

My name is Bill Smith. This is my first time writing a book. A few years ago, God put it on my heart to write a book because there are people around the world who need to hear it, and I’m sure there are people that need to read it. They may have experiences similar to mine, and they will see that there is a God that can help them, a God to give them hope, deliver them from drugs and drunkenness, and give them salvation. My goal is for this book to change people’s lives. Thank you for taking time to read this.