Poems on Transcendence

by Silvia Maria Porro

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 08/12/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 58
ISBN : 9781504345484

About the Book

Awake is an expression of source—that collective consciousness that awakens, flows, evolves, and ascends through all living beings. I began to write Awake fifteen years ago. Its voice has evolved, along with my own, through awakenings that have brought into my life my most meaningful connections with source. I know they’re continually evolving in an awakened state.

The voice that is Awake travels from intimate moments of connections and the transcendence of life, love, joy, and loss to the empowerment and evolution of cultural, familial, gender, social, and sexual identities.

  • Awake speaks to an interspecies collective consciousness powerful enough to prevent the extinction of endangered animals on Earth.
  • Awake empowers freedom from oppression and repression. It speaks to the essence of a free life. A testament to healing through nature; it speaks to the restoration of Earth’s natural habitats.
  • Awake may instill in the reader a transcendent recovery of her or his life in the present moment. It is a calling to conscious living, connected to that transcendent energy alive in all of us.
  • Awake is a collection of poems on transcendence—the continual ascension of life. Through intimate moments in the empowerment of the now, Awake becomes a transcendence of the scarcity of loneliness experienced by all living beings. This change is born with the embrace of a oneness of being.
  • Awake speaks to our connection with the expansive Universe and non-physical transcendent energy.
  • Awake provides a view of the beauty and oneness of transcendence from physical to non-physical

About the Author

Silvia Maria Porro is a licensed mental health drug/alcohol therapist, artist, and poet living in Miami, Florida. Her experience in behavioral health services provides a unique perspective related to intra-psychic, inter-relational, inter-dependent transcendence, through her poems.

Her personal, spiritual transcendence has allowed her to intuitively embrace empowering, freeing truths.