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Language : English
Publication Date : 17/07/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 64
ISBN : 9781504336727

About the Book

In Modern Authentic Mexican Cooking, you will find old and modern recipes, as well as guidance for your own kitchen that has been the same for years.

There are practical suggestions to learn how to cook what Mother Earth offers us. From this book you will learn that cooking is a fun thing to do. You will also learn how to put the final product down on the table in attractive and colorful way, since what you see also creates love for that dish!

Your interest in cooking and love are the most important ingredients to preparing all dishes.

My cooking experience comes from childhood, when I watched my grandmother cook, and also from my travels to Europe and the knowledge I obtained from French, German, and Swiss chefs.

About the Author

Elvira Troyo Carranza is a mother of four; Lorena, José, Octavio and Héctor, three grand-daughters and two sisters. Born in Mexico City, Elvira developed her professional career as a substitute teacher.

Elvira now lives in Houston with her husband and has an essential passion for cooking good healthy food, not only to feed the body through a fresh and nutritious method, but also because good cooking feeds the soul. Her cooking experience comes from her mother and grandmother and has been complemented through recommendations and recipes studied, tasted, learned and observed around her diverse trips around the world.

Elvira has written this book based on the belief that every person on earth must find something like this to do, that is, to find something attractive to your senses and try to develop it with pleasure. The joy derived becomes a way of living. Doing whatever has to be done joyfully, will return to you as a wellbeing sensation, which then may be shared with whomever is around you in life or even someone you meet on the streets.