Entrepreneur Enlightenment

A Guide to Establishing Your Purpose-Driven Business

by Irina Mihaela BSc PEng

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 08/08/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 194
ISBN : 9781982206079

About the Book

Can you be on a spiritual path and run a money-making business? Yes! When you align your business with your purpose, it’s easy to pursue both.

Irina Mihaela’s Entrepreneur Enlightenment philosophy combines practical business strategies with spiritual principles and personal transformation, teaching you how to transcend your ego and fears and do business with love.

Find out how you can achieve enlightenment through entrepreneurship:
• Discover your life’s purpose and turn it into a successful business
• Develop your marketing and sales materials and get clients
• Release the fears of receiving money and set your prices right
• Relieve financial pressures to change your energy
• Establish yourself as a leader for yourself and your clients

From clarifying your purpose to defining your niche and learning to love marketing and sales, this book is a unique take on creating a thriving business.

About the Author

Irina Mihaela’s business experience spans over two decades: from nuclear engineering manager where she developed and grew her department’s business by 600% up to $7 million, to business coaching for start-ups and medium-sized companies.

She founded the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy, where through coaching, curriculum, and community, members are supported in all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey.

Being around thousands of entrepreneurs, Irina has discovered that there is a path to enlightenment through entrepreneurship and that the ability to transcend personal history, ego, and fears is directly linked with business success.