Slipping Thru The Veil

Awaken to the Spiritual World Beyond

by Dane Whitecloud

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/06/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 178
ISBN : 9781504331463

About the Book

We are not alone. The connection of the spirit for all of us is within our being. Sharing the journey of looking thru the veil can be seen, felt, and understood. It can be done with visions, dreams, and rituals. We can explore them together with love, caring, and harmony of the one.

Do you feel like a shaman, healer, light worker, or a starseed? If the answer is yes, then look inside this book and start the journey to become who you are. Open the door and slip thru the veil with me to begin.

Ride the light of the known and unknown. Seek answers to the deep questions of life: where am I? Who am I? How do I fit into creation? Let your eyes be opened and awakened to your purpose of being. It happened to me, and it can happen for you.

About the Author

Dane Whitecloud has been called a Shaman, Teacher, Student, Healer, Light Worker, and Starseed. Having studied almost all of the religions of the world. With his love for history and astronomy he lived in the moment and each contact with life changed his being, the feeling within of being fully connected to all. Knowing we are creatively one. He once said, "I think that the stars affect all of us every day. But humans make errors. The future is free will. We choose what happens and the directions we go. No one can make you do anything.... we choose our life" and shortly after that Dane left this world March 30, 2017