Hearts Beat Wisdom, Book 1

by Linda L Nielsen PhD

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 04/12/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 150
ISBN : 9781504390118

About the Book

Threads of starlight weave life together in a rich saga of multidimensional tales. They are the light between shadows which is where these earth stories have been awaiting their unveiling. That time is now, whatever now in which they happen into your world. Galaxy 313: Book One of the mystical fiction series Hearts Beat Wisdom introduces the principal characters and provides an overview of events thus far. These timeless tales for ages 8 through adult open a path to enlighten the heart and soul of humanity during this time of transformation. The light of love shining within each person must unite as One with Divine Presence to restore balance and harmony to self, the earth, and all life. • Niko of Quintaris—an adventurous young man who breaks with Quintaris tradition in following his heart. • Kuma, Wisdom Keeper and Star Spinner on Galaxy 313—a rare breed of guide and teacher. • Sefron—a light-being from Galaxy 313 who assumes visible forms, primarily as an elf who is Niko’s mentor on earth. • Annalisa—the fairy princess who is given to outbursts of worry about her mission of going to earth to remember who she is. • Humbugs—interdimensional way-showers through frequencies who fill crystals with dream images to assist those on their path of awakening. In the heart of a giant crystal cluster on Galaxy 313’s Brightest Star, nestled the round, furry creature yawning and puffing up in a big Humbug stretch. He could feel a special day stirring deep within himself on Crystal Mountain and beyond. “Look!” he announced in a soft, compelling hum to all who could hear him. “Open your eyes and listen with your heart. Feel beyond disorder’s illusion. Embrace the love that awaits all life.” Also by Linda L. Nielsen, PhD Microtonal Healing: Spirit of the Healing Voice. 2004. Camarillo, CA: DeVorss Publications. Received the 2005 Visionary Award in Alternative Healing.

About the Author

She can’t recall a time without stories that captivated her imagination. Stories that tickled her heart with characters who took her on journeys filled with love, wonder, magic, and everything in between. They left a lasting impression of delight and happiness continuing beyond childhood to this day, and is reflected in her mystical fiction series Hearts Beat Wisdom. In 1999, she submitted a short piece to a publisher titled “Message of the Rose”. Although it was not accepted for publication she received a thoughtful letter from the Editor. She paid heed to his salutation “Gentle Writer” and the words that followed. He was correct with regard to the road being long, nonetheless Gentle Writer was not discouraged. She loved developing and writing all of her mystical fiction books that had been flowing through her since 1979. She wrote Galaxy 313: Book One between 1979 and 1983. The publishers passed it by. She took a deep breath and continued writing six more books in the series. Galaxy 313 is now a reality, and the subsequent books are in line for final editing. Linda L. Nielsen, Ph.D. is a Social and Cultural Anthropologist, with specialization in an array of vocal healing practices. Her education includes Transpersonal Psychology, certification in Expressive Arts Therapy, and clinical hypnotherapy. All of her studies and writing have focused on spiritual/personal growth, expansion of consciousness, and Oneness with Divine Presence. Her education was accomplished during a ten year period while continuing to write mystical fiction, poetry, and pursuing other art forms. Dr. Nielsen honors the wise woman within as one who cherishes youthful memories seasoned with experience. She has facilitated guided meditations, expressive arts for children and adults, including vibrational healing with light, color, movement and sound. She practices and teaches vocal healing methods to individuals and groups to restore wellbeing in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Overtone chanting and microtonal singing, as well as her adventures in lucid dreaming and shamanic journeying have transported her to interdimensional realms revealed in her stories. She resides in Oregon, the land of a beautiful blue coastline with powerful standing stones, unpredictable winds, and abundant rain interspersed with brief showers. Graced with the sun’s warmth and vibrant arching rainbows instills balance. Coastal life is where guidance hovers and directs the flow of her creativity. Her channeled stories invite you to experience events, and realms of expanding consciousness, places of awareness the author knows intimately. Taking time out to walk along her favorite beaches at low tide, and hike scenic coastal and mountain trails ignite her stories with environmental attention. Perfect places to nurture the spirit of life while singing to migrating whales, dolphins at play, and an occasional sunbathing otter.