A Therapist’s Guide to Understanding Myofascial Release

Simple Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

by Cathy Covell

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Language : English
Publication Date : 17/01/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 142
ISBN : 9781452589619

About the Book

This book is a great resource for anyone in the healthcare profession or anyone who facilities the healing process. It is especially helpful for body workers and therapists. It gives simple answers that can help both therapists and patients with their understanding of the healing process in general, and also helps with more specific questions about myofascial release.

Some of the questions are: what is myofascial release? How is myofascial release different from other techniques? What can myofascial release help with?

The answers given are simple, concise, and will help with an overall understanding of the healing process, which can then allow for faster and more significant results.

Cathy Covell lives what she writes. She is the Speak/Speech. Talks the Speak/Speech. Is the Speak/Speech. Feel your aliveness. Feel how much safer it is to feel your aliveness then to stay numb. Cathy Covell actually shows you how to do this.How to feel human and alive all at the same time. -Mary Ryan

They are all great, must have books ! -Dan Betz

Cathy's book has been vital to my healing journey. I have received Myofacial Release Therapy (MFR) for many years that has greatly benefited my health and kept me from disability retirement in my early 40's. Nevertheless, it was not until Cathy started writing her books explaining what Myofascial Release Therapy is in an honest, clear and fun way, that I started understanding the treatment and my role in the process. Since then my health has improved at a faster pace, the benefits of treatment at the clinic, or self treatment, are much greater than before, and the results are long lasting. Anyone receiving Myofascial Release Treatments will definitely benefit from reading Cathy's book, "Feeling Your Way Through" and "A Patient's Guide to Understanding Myofascial Release: Simple Answers to Frequently Asked Questions." -Mercedes Reaves

We have been buying Cathy's books for a few years to sell here in the UK as they are a fantastic resource for both therapists and clients offering a wisdom of information and wealth of practical understanding to the John F Barnes approach to myofascial release. I would recommend these books to anyone interested in myofascial release as a therapy for pain and discomfort or as an adjunct to their learning experience from attending seminars. Cathy writes with both passion for the work as well as from her skill and expertise through her years of dedication to the approach, great books Cathy!! -Ruth Duncan

Cathy does a wonderful job of conveying principles of myofascial release with books that are clear and profound. She does a great job of answering many of the questions that therapists and patients often have, and sharing great insights from her vast well of wisdom and experience. - Mary Winslow

Cathy Covell's books are fantastic! She has a gift for brilliantly conveying information and wisdom in an easily digestible fashion. Her books have helped me as a therapist and as a patient. I give all of my new patients one of her books at their first visit at my wellness center. Bravo, Cathy! - Phil Tavolacci

About the Author

Not only is Cathy a physical therapist, but she is also someone who suffered from debilitating chronic pain for years. This is what led her to trying myofasical release as a treatment option.

Once she realized that myofascial release was the missing piece that was able to help with her overall healing, she began taking the classes offered by John F. Barnes, PT. She quickly realized that this technique was extremely effective. And that by learning this technique she would not only be able to help herself, but also help her clients.

Cathy had the opportunity to work at one of John’s treatment centers for over two years which has helped her become an expert in the field of myofascial release.

This book is a compilation of simple answers to the questions that are most frequently asked by patients and therapists. It is a very valuable tool in the healing process.