The Millennial Makeover

Who Are We and Who Do We Want to Become?

by Hailey Jordan Yatros

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Language : English
Publication Date : 06/02/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 162
ISBN : 9781452590899
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 162
ISBN : 9781452590912

About the Book

Millennial generation. Generation Y. The underdeveloped generation. The lazy kids. The tweeters. The ones always on their smart phones. The ones who feel entitled. It is no secret that millennials—young adults born between 1980 and 2000—are stereotyped. Some think we’re lazy, some think we are so engrossed in technology that we don’t have the drive to be successful (don’t forget to tweet that), and some believe that we are the most optimistic generation around. Whether positive or negative, this book has been designed to help tear down those stereotypes and help focus on what truly matters: who we are as young adults and who we can become. It only takes one person, one soul, and one stand to change nations; and that one person is you. This book will unveil what it takes to be a leader of this generation by uncovering the innate possibilities within ourselves. My mission is to bridge the gap between the millennial generation and the generation before us by teaching instruments of communication. Are you a person who desires to step out in courage and follow your passion so that your dreams can become a reality? If your answer is yes, then it’s time for a millennial makeover.

About the Author

A young millennial herself (20 yrs. old), Hailey’s dreams and visions started early. Being the youngest in her class, at age 18 Hailey earned the Highest Award of Achievement in the legendary Dale Carnegie Course. Shortly after her graduation, she was offered a position to work at their company. She felt as if it was a great step towards her mission of helping young adults around the world. She went through an intense amount of training while working there; over 350 hours of preparation on her way to becoming a certified instructor. At age 19 Hailey had helped and coached hundreds of students’ -from all ages-reach their vision. At the same time, attending The Union Institute and University full time. This past year Hailey says she has realized the magnitude of her purpose and decided her opportunities are infinite. Soon after Hailey left her position at Dale Carnegie Training she began to put her passion into writing. She had such a strong desire to share with and encourage others to chase after their dreams. Hailey was working three jobs, going to school full time and writing a book; after a series of many sleepless nights, she had completed an entire manuscript in a month and a half. She also just recently became a mentor for the non-profit organization Reaching Higher leadership course that strives to help young adults achieve purpose. Her main driving force in life is fulfilling her mission and purpose. Ever since she was 13 years old she has had the same vision.

Hailey’s message is simple. She is spreading the importance of human connection back into a world of technology. She helps her generation to believe in themselves, and to help them push through any fears they may have to make their dreams come true.

Hailey was born and raised in the eastern part of Michigan. She has a big wonderful family of 9 and that is only counting under one roof! She didn’t meet her biological father until the age of 15 only to find out that he lived just fifteen minutes away, her entire life. Hailey has a unique way of helping different generations understand one another.

Within our ever-changing world, one thing stays the same; Hailey’s undying love and acceptance she has for human beings.