Book of Short Stories

Different Stories of Born Again Christians and the Leading of the Holy Spirit; Stories of God Touching Lives of People

by Alexander C. Parker

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Language : English
Publication Date : 08/10/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 250
ISBN : 9781452581361

About the Book

Book of Short Stories presents a collection of short stories that have been written over a twenty-five-year period. Some were used as closing thoughts given to the boys of several Boy Scout troops at the end of meetings, when author Alexander C. Parker served as both an assistant scoutmaster and as scoutmaster.
These stories show how God can and does work in the lives of people through the leading of the Holy Spirit and how it is possible to find new direction in your life by letting God and the Holy Spirit speak to you.
It is hoped that by reading each story and letting the theme of that story remain with you, that it will help in providing a “new” and “stronger” positive outlook and make you the reader more confident in your walk of life.
There is a very clear message on Salvation and several opportunities to accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Lord and Savior.
Parker is also the author of Jesus of the Future; both books seek to lead readers to understand God more clearly.

About the Author

Alexander C. Parker was born June 27, 1945; he was one of quadruplets, but due to health and early birth, his siblings did not live that long and were taken back home to be with God. He was the last baby born, and it was only through several operations that he lived. Later, his mother told him that she was raised as a true and faithful Protestant in the Salvation Army; his father was of the Jewish faith, although he was not following his faith and did not go to the Jewish temple on a regular basis. His mother did attend church when she could. He was totally saved at the age of twenty-two and had written short stories for a long time. His other book is titled Jesus of the Future, to be released around the same time as The Book of Short Stories. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, both books have been completed.